lee santos hops farmer and libertarian candidate for congress  2018


 It all started when my dad bought me my first beer brewing kit many years ago, he had already been making beer and thought I might like it too.  

 I took to it like a fish to water, it was like cooking, but better!  I became a beer chef and started coming up with my own brewing recipes and experimenting with different types of yeasts, hops and grains, I was coming up with beer that was MUCH BETTER than store bought!


  Lee Santos

 It's a long process the way we do it, using full grain recipes now and old fashioned bottling.  But it's worth it!

Friends kept begging me to make more beer for them!


We have 5 different types of hops growing in our biergarten,  Kent Goldings, Galena, Cascade, Centennial and Mt. Hood.  

 Our hops came from Michigan and Oregon and are doing quite nicely in their new home here in Texas.

 People said they wouldn't grow here.  But, as you can see, they really thrive in this climate.  We expect to have a good crop this fall and are looking forward to all the new varieties of craft lagers and ales that will be created with our fully organic hops. 


  Galena hops 2 years old.  May 2018

  We never use pesticides and let them grown naturally in good quality soil and fresh, clean water.

 I've always been a gardener, and I love color, art, and creativity.  In my spare time, I'm in my art studio painting, and other art projects such as antique furniture restoration.  My main hobby at the moment is photography and videography. 

 I finally have the time to explore this more as well as playing my piano and guitar.  I'm a blues piano player and am currently writing my own video soundtrack music.

 When I retired and moved here to Texas, I became interested in politics, and that's what led me to the Libertararian party. 

 I realized I didn't fit in with either of the two main parties and started researching and decided to start going to some local meetups with the Libertarian Party of Comal Party. 


Please vote November 6 2018

Lee Santos Libertarian CD21

 I also started on the Libertarian Party of Texas Policy Committee.  I was having so much fun , but I felt I could do more.

 This led to running as a candidate for Congress in CD21 and I won the nomination.

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