Election year 2018 

rogue libertarian candidate sets bar high in cd21 congressional race

After being ignored by the mainstream media the entire election so far, Lee Santos decides "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

By Ms. Lee Santos

"They keep ignoring me!" Says Lee Santos about the the barrage of articles coming out this election season.  "What am I?  Chopped liver?"  Referring to a recent article that mentions her opponent as being the "only woman in the race".   

"It's ok!" Says Lee, "They'll get a hell of a surprise when I show up at the debates!"  

Lee is a beer hops farmer and actually LIVES in District 21 in New Braunfels.  After over 20 years in the car business she decided on an early retirement and dedicates her life to her children, husband, dogs and biergarten.  "I'm growing 5 different types of beer hops and they're nearly 10 feet tall already!"  Lifelong home brewer and beer expert, Lee can be found on the campaign trail, testing new craftbrews and meeting new friends.  An avid vegetarian and supporter of animal rights, Lee volunteers at the humane society playing with puppies and walking older dogs.

I'm also a marijuana legalization advocate!" Says Lee, Adding, "I'm the only candidate in this district that actively PROMOTES legalization". My goal is to legalize it for every adult, for any reason they choose, as much they wish to have and the ability to grow it however they choose".. And wiping out criminal records of those who have one."

"Peace and ending foreign wars is at the top of my list!" I'm against all forms of war, I'm against the wall, I'm against Trump!" "I've had enough of racism, and bigotry, hate and violence!" Lee is optimistic about Texans and says " Texas is no longer a red state!" Texans always say "dont mess with Texas" and we mean it!"

Another critical point Lee makes is "Our federal government should NOT BE IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING!" Adding, "They screw it up too bad!" And Lee's experience as a victim of Obamacare and Identity theft should be enough to scare the heck out of anyone. "Taxation is theft! Says Lee, " "End of Story!"