Beer Hops Farmer

Marijuana legalization advocate


Against federal government control


Against excessive taxation

Pro womens rights

Who am I ?

I'm your,neighbor, your friend, your family member, coworker.     I could be anybody.  My thoughts on this website reflect my own personal opinions and free speech. I consider myself a political reformist, trying to make a difference in this world with a desire to eliminate wasteful government spending and unnecessary prying into our personal lives.  I can see that 3rd party candidates are largely ignored by the mainstream media now and in the last election and railroaded us into making choices that didn't align with my own beliefs.  

I was victimized by our own government by their inability to keep hackers from accessing our personal information.  I was victimized by Obamacare and by being forced into insurance and then being robbed monthly because the insurance company kept telling me we had NO insurance even though we paid for it monthly.

I want businesses to be able to hire again for full time positions instead of only part timers due to Obamacare.    I'm just an everyday person out there trying to make it in this community without the government interfering in my personal life.  

I want to show my support for small business by not crippling them with over taxation and excessive government regulation.  I want health care for everyone but I  don't want the government running it.  I believe in free enterprise.  I believe in the 2nd amendment and freedom to protect our families and ourselves.  I believe our involvement in foreign wars is excessive.  I believe a border wall is ridiculous, it would never be finished in our lifetime, and the cost is too high.  

I believe the war on drugs has already been won.... by the criminals.  We cannot afford to out spend drug dealers because they have a never ending supply of money and always will.  The opiod addiction epidemic could possibly benefit from legalization of marijuana by offering a healthy alternative to treatment.  Individuals should be free to choose options that work for them whether they use it for pain OR mental health relief.  All crimes related to marijuana sales, possession or distribution should be immediately cleared from arrest records.  Any non-violent, incarcerated marijuana drug offenders should be immediately released.  

We can not afford to outspend criminals, and it's just time because its becoming legal in more places than it's not so it's really becoming impossible to easily distinguish where it is legal and where it isn't.  I’m from Colorado and saw first hand the effect the legalization had on the economy.  This has been a huge boost to the state and we could really use the boost here too.

Legalization of  marijuana is necessary to stop drug dealers from profiting from the billions of dollars they are earning... tax free!  You and I are left with the bills of law enforcement at the border, crime and corruption.  Innocent people who use marijuana should not be treated as criminals.  It's legal in more places now than it's not and it's becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to avoid breaking the law when traveling or moving to another states.  Especially if the marijuana is being used for treatment purposes, this causes unnecessary arrests and enormous costs when individuals are caught, fined and their marijuana is seized by law enforcement ruining the lives of those caught up in the drama.   It needs to be legal to buy, posses and grow for every adult in this country immediately.  

In my spare time, I have many hobbies, yoga, beer brewing, gardening, antique shopping,going to the beach, art, playing blues piano and tending to my hops in our bier garden. I’m no angel, never have been, never will be, But, I care enough to step forward and do my civic duty as a citizen of the great state of Texas.    

Lee Santos is former radio personality,  former car dealer and repair shop owner for 20 years in CO.   Currently retired and enjoying the good life as a beer hops farmer, vegetarian, artist, parent,lifelong snowboarder, musician, dog lover and Kenpo Karate black belt.