I want answers....and so do you if you're here now.    If only it were that easy.  Well, I think it could be!  

One way to change the world is to start with ourselves.   Being a forward and positive thinker is necessary to begin the process of changing the world and the number one priority on my agenda is....

Racism absolutely MUST END!  Period!  End of story! It’s been genetically proven many years ago, that we all carry the same genetic information that we received from the earliest known people of Northern Africa who then spread out across the Asian continent north and south, east and north across the land bridge until reaching this continent.  Skin colors evolved as people moved closer or further away from the equator.  No skin color is superior to another.  We’re all the same, only the amount of pigment in the skin is different.  Racism is just ignorance and stupidity.

Why are are foster children sleeping in office buildings? This seems hard to believe but apparently the foster care system here is so overwhelmed that some kids have no place to go and they end sleeping up in an office building somewhere.  This is beyond unacceptable.  This is such a crisis situation that it must end immediately.  Acceptable safe housing MUST be created for these kids.   To pay for this, legalize marijuana.  My solution is a Life Skills Community to give these kids a safe roof over their heads, but also to teach them some valuable life lessons before they go out into the world.

Out of control politicians   I got tired of my congressman and senator ingoring my requests of them to do something about certain irresponsible republicans in office in 2017 and decided to do it myself.  So here I am. Ready to take on those rogue politicians who’ve decided they’re above the law, or are to afraid to stand up to others who believe they are above the law.  I believe no one is above the law.  I WILL confront those who I believe deserve to be challenged.  I enjoy face to face civilized discussions and debates.  

Discrimatory hiring practices    Have you ever filled out an online employment application and sent it off to cyber land only to be ignored or received a “thanks but no thanks” canned email response?  You may have been screened “out” due to questions like “year you graduated high school?”  Computer programmers have developed sneaky ways to determine your age based on many things and kick you out because you’re probably not young enough.  Think it won’t happen to you?  Think again.  When was the last time you saw an older worker at ANY of the chain retail stores or restaurants?  This practice must be outlawed immediately.   You have also just given out your entire personal information to an unsecured data base somewhere.  I’ve had my identity hacked so many times, I’m not even sure who I am anymore.

Guns     Im PRO guns.  Although I don’t personally own one,  I grew up in a hunting family with guns, my father was in the army. He was also a police officer at one time.  I greatly appreciate our military, and our police force.  I respect the right of all citizens to own weapons for their own self protection. WAR Im anti-war.  I believe our troops should be in our country only and protect us on OUR soil.  I believe our military is one our greatest assets as a country and they should be here, not over there somewhere.  Also, time for a pay increase for our military.  They deserve it!  Also, it does not matter the sex, gender, color, shoe size,     Nobody should be treated differently in the military.  We’re all part of the same race.  The human race.

RUSSIANS    I adopted my son from the former Soviet Union (Kazakhstan) many years ago and spent a considerable amount of time there and also in Russia during that time.  I saw and experienced first hand what it was like over there and I can assure you that is NOT a place to add to your list of potential vacation destinations!  Crime and corruption is rampant, and everywhere, distrust of their government has the citizens living in constant worry and fear, there is an overwhelming lack of modern conveniences, access to healthcare is nearly non existant for all.  I absolutely promise I will NOT fall victim to that countries attempts at corruption over here in the US!  I will do everything in my power to stop this Russian tampering in our elections and with our elected officials!

TAXATION    When I see the wasteful spending going on in Washington, I cant stand to think of our hard earned tax dollars being thrown away on ridiculous expenses.  I feel like our government is burning through cash like a shopping addict at the mall.   It's a frightening feeling, having to trust our government with our open wallets!  I'm an extremely frugal person who recycles everything and I'm constantly looking for ways to save money and get by with much less.  

TEXAS INDEPENDANCE   I think Texas could better govern itself without federal government interference.  They're spending our tax money wastefully and foolishly and I think we might be better off if we don't have to support their bad financial choices .  It needs to be brought up and discussed and considered more seriously.  I have already received an official endorsement of the TNM  Texas Nationalist Movement whose members are over 300k.